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If you or your company would like to curate a HER Way experience for women leaders and executives of color, give us a call @ 877-487-2398 or click here to request more info. 

Photos from previous retreats


Why HER Way

Black women are not often thought of in the corporate space when it comes to executive advocacy and support. They have to fight to be seen and still struggle to be paid their worth compared to white men and women. 

Most executive retreats cater to the white male and what he likes. The HER Way Retreat is all about the Black female executive, what she needs to succeed, and how she wants to be pampered. We created an experience like no other that will shower her with luxury, but also provide great professional development and motivation to reach new heights. 

Our Mission

The HER Way Retreat is an exclusive luxury experience for Black female executives focused on building community, professional partnership, personal growth, and self-care.

At The HER Way Retreat, we will fill in the GAPP for one another as we:

Guide each other through the never-ending obstacles and uncertainties of corporate advancement and entrepreneurship.

Accept each other as we are, we listen without judgment, and only offer opinions when asked.

Praise one another for our personal and professional wins as we determine the next steps on our Life Journey.

Perform according to the plan we have put together for ourselves. We understand that if we fail to plan, we plan to fail at all the things we set out to do in our lives. 

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